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A is for Akebu & Agouti (huh???)

on September 2, 2012

If you’ve never heard of Akebu before, you’re not alone – I hadn’t either before this week! Part of our Sonlight curriculum is a wonderful book called From Akebu to Zapotec: A Book of Bibleless Peoples. Each week we’ll learn about a people group that doesn’t have a Bible in their own language. Throughout the week we learned interesting facts about the Akebu people and some animals native to the rainforests of their country (like the agouti!). The kids found it quite fascinating. In fact, Jorja wanted learn their language! (I can’t imagine why that’s not part of the Kindergarten curriculum???! LOL) I think one foreign language (Mongolian) is enough for now.

pointing to where the Akebu people live (Togo, Africa)

And what would A week be without apples?! We read apple stories, did apple crafts, and ate lots and lots of apples . . . apple crisp, apple muffins, apple sauce, apple shake-ups, etc.

joseph’s apple core craft

apple prints

A is for ants

ants on an ant hill for snack!

In our Bible time this week we covered Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel . . . Jorja practiced skip-counting by two’s by lining up the animals two by two. Joseph built a Tower of Babel out of Jenga blocks.  We also learned a really cute  Tower of Babel song.

skip-counting by 2’a

Joseph’s Tower of Babel

And the perfect ending to a pretty great first week of homeschool was supplied by God Himself . . . after learning about rainbows in science and then reading about Noah’s Ark and the first rainbow, last night we saw the biggest brightest most beautiful rainbow outside!!!


One response to “A is for Akebu & Agouti (huh???)

  1. Jane W says:

    Wow! What a blessing……….I believe God is smiling upon what you’re doing with your kids.

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