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B is for Bumblebees & Butterflies

on September 8, 2012

I think something is wrong with my math. 1 mom + 2 children should equal 1 teacher + 2 pupils, right??? So why does it sometimes seem like there are 2 teachers in our house??? Oh yeah, because my 4 yr-old thinks she knows everything! She has started checking her own homework – after completing a worksheet she goes back and puts a check mark beside each answer and then informs me that they’re all correct! Then in science, after learning a little about our solar system, she demoted Earth from its status as a planet. I guess she figured that if someone could decide that Pluto is no longer a planet, then she could decide that neither is Earth! Could someone please notify the Whitehouse and NASA??? This is just a taste of what it’s like to homeschool Jorja.

On the preschool front, it took Joseph a little while to make the transition from A week to B week . . . For the first day or two whenever I would point to the alphabet chart and say, “Big B, little b, B says . . ., ” he would shout out, “aaaaaaaa!” enthusiastically. But after 5 days of playing with balloons, balls, bubbles, & bean bags, and after learning songs about bears, bumblebees, butterflies & bunnies, and after eating lots of bananas, berries (ok, they were berry candies), banana bread and banana pancakes . . . I think he knows what B says!

making thumbprint bees

footprint butterflies & thumbprint bumblebees

sock bunnies

I couldn’t believe how easy these were to make! You probably have everything you need on hand. If you want to see the instructions for making these adorable sock bunnies click here.

And my favorite butterfly craft – because it starts out with a caterpillar (just put 5 or so blobs of paint down the center of the paper) . . .

start with a caterpillar

. . . then fold the paper over and use a scraper to scrape the paint from the center of the fold out toward the corners . . .then open back up and voila!

the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly!

making banana bread

mashing the bananas

Activities like matching games, sorting, or puzzles keep Joseph busy while I work on hand-writing or math skills with Jorja.

matching bumblebees to flowers by color

sorting buttons

playing Bingo!

Check out these free printable bingo cards for just about any theme or holiday you can imagine. My kids love these!

Looking back on all the activities, stories, lessons and skills taught this week, the most valuable lesson of all was learned in one of our Bible times . . . we read about how Abram’s servants and his nephew Lot’s servants were arguing about the land because there wasn’t enough good pasture for all of their flocks and herds, so Abram & Lot decided to separate . . . Abram could have chosen the best land for himself, but instead he gave Lot the first choice, saying, “If you go that way, I’ll go this way but if you go this way, I’ll go that way” . . . I’ve been trying for a while to teach my kids to let others go first – to say you first instead of me first. . . the result was usually Jorja agreeing, “Yeah, Joseph, say you first!” But this time was different. Later that night she announced to me that she was going to let Joseph go first . . .  It wasn’t the first and I know it won’t be the last lesson in selflessness but I felt like a little progress was made. And I’ll take progress in character training over ABC’s and 123’s any day!

5 responses to “B is for Bumblebees & Butterflies

  1. Becca B says:

    You are incredible! Very fun and educational week! Yay for B! Now for next week. C? Those bunnies are adorable!

  2. Jordan says:

    The A-Z Activities sound super fun! Great idea for a blog series, too! This blog will become a destination for those on the homeschooling adventure in no time!

  3. soccernorsk says:

    HI! I am impressed by your amazing creativity with the alphabet! Great job up there in Mongolia! (We’re not too far away south of the border…)

  4. Elaine says:

    I love your entries, it’s like I’m learning right along side you and the kids:) Thanks for your honest updates. It has started to get me thinking about Caleb’s education options in a few years.
    look forward to following:)

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