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C is for Cookie – That’s Good Enough For Me!

on September 14, 2012

This week we learned that a lot of really yummy things start with C! And I’m not talking about carrots, cabbage, celery, or cauliflower . . . if you know me at all, you know that I’m referring to cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate of course. So we did a lot of baking, but in order to avoid over-dosing on sugar we only kept a few and shared the rest with friends and the kids’ teachers (their other teachers – no, I did not eat all the cupcakes!)

Joseph could not get enough of the C is for Cookie song from Sesame Street. He thought it was just hilarious. Throughout the week he would randomly remind me that “sometimes the moon looks like a C but you can’t eat that!” Besides making cookies, we also did these fun cookie cutter activities.

cookie cutter match

cookie cutter prints

playdough cookies

and the real thing!

The next day we took a break from baking and did a cloud theme, so we decorated our C poster with cotton ball clouds.

Clouds are OK, but let’s face it . . . cupcakes are way more fun!

cupcake file folder game

File folder games are really easy to make (especially if you have file folders – which I don’t. sigh.) and tons of fun for little ones. Never heard of them before? Click here to get started! In the above game I had Joseph first order the numbered cupcakes from 1-10, then I gave him the cupcakes with cherries on top and he had to count the cherries and match it to the correct numbered cupcake. Now just picture the numbered cupcakes mounted inside a file folder and voila.

cupcake craft

another cupcake craft

I gave the kids mini muffin tins and decorations to make playdough cupcakes and they thought this was the best!

playdough cupcakes

and the real thing!

Some caterpillar crafts . . .

fingerprint caterpillars

classic egg carton caterpillars


This is the part where I try to write something at least semi-serious lest you think all I do all day is eat cookies and cupcakes. We also do Bible, science, and math – honest! This week we learned about the Chut people of Vietnam. They are hunters who live in caves and/or huts made from banana leaves. A dangerous wild animal indigenous to their region is the Indochinese Tiger. Making tiger masks and hiding in ‘caves’ helped the lesson come alive. The Chut people do not have a Bible in their language.

in their cave, hiding from the tiger

And here is Jorja with her newest treasure – a magnifying glass. When she’s not inspecting the parts of a flower in science class, she’s a detective looking for “a case to dissolve” lol.

2 responses to “C is for Cookie – That’s Good Enough For Me!

  1. Becca B says:

    great work! I love the magnifying glass, those are my kid’s favorite too! πŸ™‚ You are so amazing, keep up the great work and don’t grow weary in doing good! πŸ™‚

  2. LindseyJoy says:

    This was my favorite week! We made cookies too πŸ™‚ …wish I would’ve seen this post before – you have so many cute ideas!

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