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D is for Daddy

on September 21, 2012

George arrived home from a two-week trip on the first day of D week . . . so first and foremost this week, D is for Daddy! To celebrate, the kids made pictures and treats for Daddy and played daddy dress-up with Daddy’s clothes. And of course they had a lot of wrestling, piggy-back rides, tickles, and cuddles to catch up on.

daddy dress-up

We also did some dinosaur themed activities, including making Jorjasaurus and Jofusaurus fossils from salt dough. This was a big hit . . . but what I didn’t realize is that the entire time we were making these and waiting for them to come out of the oven, the kids thought we were making cookies – when they were finished and cooled off, Joseph tried to take a bite . . . D is for disappointment.

salt dough dinosaur fossils

dinosaur egg match

dinosaur heads & tails match

number sequencing

Today we read stories about dragons and made this really cool handprint dragon craft! Now the kids are watching How to Train Your Dragon.

handprint dragon craft

Here is Jorja doing some math with her new kit that Mimi & Papa sent . . .

And this an Ice Cream Place Value file folder game. Math has never been so fun!

ice cream math!

In addition to learning about a Bibleless people group each week, we’re also learning Bible verses. We’re using Sing the Word from A-Z . . . a verse for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a really fun and easy way to memorize Scripture – even Joseph can do it, and I sometimes hear him singing the songs while he’s playing. It’s a great tool for reinforcing the values we try to teach and model for our children. This week’s verse is Do to others as you would have them do to you – Matthew 7:12. Throughout the week we had plenty of opportunities to talk about what this means. The Berenstain Bears book The Golden Rule went along great with our verse and helped the kids to see it in action as Sister Bear reached out to the new kid at school. Children don’t necessarily internalize and put the values we teach to practice immediately – it may take hundreds of stories, lessons, and reminders, but every little bit helps and memorizing the Word (to a catchy little tune no less!) is a great first step 🙂

5 responses to “D is for Daddy

  1. Sharon Limb says:

    You are doing a gret job!!

  2. Sharon Limb says:

    looks like I need spelling lesson or at least “read before you hit post”

  3. Sherri Eppley says:

    Enjoy reading your blog each week. Keep posting. The kids will enjoy reading this some day too.

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