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F is for Fall

on October 5, 2012

F week fell at the perfect time to celebrate Fall and the fresh falling leaves.

We made leaf rubbings and used small squares of brightly colored tissue paper to make our own beautiful fall leaves.

leaf rubbings

We also had fun with Farm, Fire Fighter, Frog and Fish themes . . . Here is Joseph doing some file folder activities with farm animals and fire fighters . . .

How many animals?

Heads & Tails Matching

Fire Fighter shadow matching

Here Jorja is learning even/odd numbers with a Fishing 4 Coins game (based on the Bible story where Jesus sends Peter to catch a fish with a coin in its mouth to pay the temple tax).

Fishing 4 Coins

A definite highlight this week was painting with shaving cream (mum’s the word though – shaving cream is a luxury that is very hard to come by here, and George might not appreciate that we used it for painting!) I’ve never tried this before and was quite impressed by the results! You put shaving cream in a shallow container or pan and squirt paint on top, then swirl it around . . .

shaving cream and paint

Then lay your fish (or leaf, or whatever you’re painting) on top, press it down gently in the paint, then lift it off, scrape off the excess shaving cream, and voila! Swirly fish! Goes great with the Rainbow Fish story.

shaving cream painted fish

This techinique also works beautifully for making gorgeous shaving cream painted fall leaves, which I would totally try if I thought I could get used to George with a permanent beard (better save the shaving cream for him). And of course, the best part is playing in the shaving cream afterwards!

This week we also learned about the Fania people of Chad, Africa. Because millet is one of their staple foods, we decided to try some recipes that use it . . . peanut butter millet balls (although I’m pretty sure JIF is about as available in Chad as it is in Mongolia! Good thing we have such wonderful friends and family who love to send us care packages!) . . .

peanut butter millet balls

. . . and millet cakes (a bit like hashbrowns) . . .

millet cakes

Because millet is a whole grain with many health benefits I would like to incorporate it into our diet on a more regular basis. Have you ever tried millet? Do you have any millet recipes that your family loves?


2 responses to “F is for Fall

  1. That shaving cream painting looks very fun! As do all the other activites!

    • Thank you. It was a first (but won’t be the last!) for us. I checked out your blog and love your ideas as well. You must be really busy with two active little boys! They sure look fun though 🙂

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