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G is for Grandparents

on October 12, 2012

Our G week coincided with Canadian Thanksgiving and since 2 of us are Canadian, it seemed appropriate to make this week about “giving thanks”, especially since our Bible verse for G week is, “Give thanks in all circumstances . . .” So we made some Thanksgiving themed crafts and decorations . . .

fun hats (we didn’t make them)

giving thanks tree

As we were making the above tree, I was talking to the kids about thankfulness and asking them what sorts of things they are thankful for, you know – hoping for some really deep or profound answers such as “the Bible!” or “my family” or whatever, to impress everyone with how spiritual we are . . . alas, my kids are thankful for TV, toys, and Joseph said, “Halloween” ??? Maybe our daily Bible time needs to be longer . . .

One of the things we are most thankful for happens to also start with G . . . Grandparents! So this week we focused on giving thanks for grandparents. The kids made crafts and drew pictures for all the grandparents . . .

turkey handprint postcard

other side of turkey postcard

handprint & poem for grandparents

The kids also helped me make a fun little DVD of them singing, dancing, and reciting poems for their grandparents 🙂

Even though we live across the world from all our family, I try my best to foster a close relationship between our kids and their grandparents. I want our parents to be involved in our kids’ lives and for our kids to know and love their grandparents, to respect and learn from them, to understand and appreciate their heritage. And I’m very thankful for the effort our parents put into it as well by Skyping and sending cards and packages. Whether you live across the state, across the country, or across the globe from your family, here are a few ways you can help your children to know and love their grandparents:

  • Have your kids talk to them on the phone or Skype.
  • Have your kids draw, color, or paint a picture and send it to them.
  • Send photographs (yes, even in the age of email and facebook, sometimes it’s fun to send an actual photograph that they can put on their fridge!)
  • Show them pictures of their grandparents – especially pictures of them with their grandparents if you have any, and remind them of special things they have done together.
  • Make a DVD featuring your child singing, dancing, playing, or anything!
  • Stay connected through Facebook or a blog where you post regular updates or pictures.
  • When possible visit or even meet half way for a vacation together.
  • And my personal favorite is making a photo calendar to share highlights of our year and how the kids have grown – I give them for Christmas each year 🙂

What special things do you do to stay connected across the miles?


6 responses to “G is for Grandparents

  1. Great idea. We live far away fm our family, too.

  2. I have the seperation of heaven and earth from my dad so when I talk to my kids about their grandpa I tell them what he was like, things we did together, how he served people, etc. I’ve done that with our living parents also. We tell our kids stuff about their grandparents from the past. Funnys stories, touching stories, etc. We also watch home videos!

  3. I had a good laugh at your kid’s thankful list…same here btw! Humbling huh;) It’s like, HELLO…we homeschool and you’re thankful for TV?????? Maybe that’s why they’re thankful for it huh!!!!??!!:()

  4. Nadra says:

    Terri it’s Nadra! Obviously, lol.. idk if you can see this I’ve been stalking you guys trying to find your email! This blog is too sweet I miss you guys especially around the holidays it’s making me remember the miracles you performed for Pete n me n ur fam last year. Email me if you see this! 🙂

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