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H is for Hearts

on October 19, 2012

I decided to do a heart theme for H week since I knew it would be a big hit with Jorja, who loves everything pink and girly, and also because I had a lot of simple and inexpensive ideas for heart themed activities and crafts. So the first thing I did, was raid my stash of scrapbook paper to make some home-made file folder games. Using a cookie cutter for a template, I cut out a lot of hearts! First I cut out 2 each of several different patterns to make a pattern matching game, then I cut out several the same and wrote upper & lowercase letters A-H on them to make a letter matching game. And lastly, I made some heart puzzles but cutting hearts into 2 pieces each.

color/pattern matching

uppercase/lowercase letter matching

heart puzzles

For crafts, we stamped hearts on the letter Hh poster . . .

. . . painted with heart sponges (cookie-cutter prints are another alternative) . . .

. . . made handprint hearts . . .

. . . made these foam heart photo frames  with some foam hearts that I have been saving for a good idea and this was it . . .

foam heart photo frame

. . . and also found a good use for some left-over heart napkins that have been lying around for a while . . .


using mod-podge to glue the napkin pieces and brush over the top

finished product

The crafts were probably the highlight this week . . . we didn’t have quite as much success in the kitchen – the honey crackles we tried to make didn’t really stay together and then I realized that’s because you’re supposed to bake them (I thought they were no-bake), problem solved – just bake them, right? Wrong. Burned them . . .

We learned this week about the Hrusso people who live in India and don’t have a Bible in their language. We talked about how they worship nature . . . the created, rather than the Creator. The kids were able to make a real-life connection when we visited the Mother Tree here in Mongolia and saw people making offerings to the spirits of this tree, sprinkling milk and rice on it as they walked around it chanting and praying for good luck . . .

Mother Tree – Mongolia

“But they’re not worshiping God, mom!” says Jorja, and getting a little choked up, holding back tears, all I could say is, “I know, sweetie. I know . . . that’s why God has brought us here.” We want everyone to have the opportunity to know and worship their Creator . . .

7 responses to “H is for Hearts

  1. Sherri Eppley says:

    That’s awesome Terri!

  2. Chelle says:

    Beautiful! And the crafts look fun! I’m not fabulous with crafts, but these are inspiring! My daughter, the one little girl in the pack of boys, also loves everything pink and girly!

  3. Dolgorsuren Odongarav says:

    Your sharing always makes me laugh. I’m so thankful God for He is using you to teach your children how to love God and know Him in simple way through home schooling. And Thanks for your service for Mongolia.

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing that story and I love your projects!

  5. allthemasons says:

    These are all such great ideas and something to add to my files for the future

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