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I is for Ice Cream!

on October 26, 2012

We had a lot of fun with ice cream this week. After all, what kid (or mom!) doesn’t LOVE ice cream? Both kids enjoyed this cute ice cream color match file folder game . . .

ice cream file folder game

You can also find an ice cream place value file folder game here. We practiced counting, colors, and shapes while making this simple ice cream cone craft . . .

ice cream cone craft

We also did ice cream math! We surveyed family members to find out what their favorite ice cream flavors are (we made them choose between chocolate, strawberry or vanilla) then made this pictograph to show which flavor the most/least people like.

favorite flavors pictograph

And some more math, counting and adding (and eating!) ice cream marshmallows . . .

ice cream math

And where’s the fun in doing all these ice cream activities if you don’t get to EAT some ice cream?!

I is for ice cream

and I is for “icky” too

I try to introduce new songs each week – both Sunday school songs and fun songs or action rhymes to go with the letter theme. This week, the song Do You Know the Ice Cream Man  (to the tune of Do You Know the Muffin Man) was a big hit with Joseph 🙂

We rounded out the week with some Igloo themed activities . . . and we even watched a Youtube video showing 2 Inuit building an igloo. Here’s an Igloo file folder game that is like a puzzle – build an igloo by matching the letters . . .

igloo file folder game – letter matching

And here is a Blue Igloo file folder spelling game – decide whether the word is spelled with “ue” or “oo” . . .

Blue Igloo file folder spelling game

And a couple of igloo crafts – cutting strips of white paper and glueing the “blocks of snow” on the igloo shape . . .

And for this one, we just glued cotton balls around the outside of a paper cup.

cotton ball igloo

cotton ball igloo

I’ll conclude this week’s post by sharing a poem that Jorja wrote (with a little help). It’s a nursery rhyme recreate – we recreated the nursery rhyme One, Two, Buckle My Shoe . . .

One, two, a ghost says, “Boo!”

Three, four, there are no more.

Five, six, find some sticks.

Seven, eight, wash your plate.

Nine, ten, lions in the den.


3 responses to “I is for Ice Cream!

  1. Sherri Eppley says:

    Haha I was one if the two that like vanilla. I bet grandma Bonnie was the other one. That’s a cute poem too. You guys are very creative.

  2. LindseyJoy says:

    so cute! love all the ice cream crafts 🙂

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