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J is for Jorja & Joseph

on November 2, 2012

J week has extra significance for our children since both of the their names start with the letter J. So I wanted not only to make it extra fun but also to make it about how special they are. We talked and sang songs about how God made them and that Jesus loves them and that they are special to God. We made an “I am Special to God” booklet – inside we wrote some of the things that make them special . . .

outside of their booklets

inside of Jorja’s “I am Special” booklet

inside of Joseph’s “I am Special” booklet

We also did a jungle theme for some of our crafts and activities. Once again, my scrapbooking paper came in handy as I made some file folder games – letter matching, animal sorting, and feed the animals the correct number of leaves.

uppercase/lowercase letter match

sorting the animals

feed each animal the correct number of leaves

I got the Jungle Animal Shadow Match cards here.

Joseph’s favorite activity this week was the jar toss (tossing things into a jar – not tossing the jar although I’m sure that would have been a bigger hit!). He could easily play this for an hour.

tossing coins into a jar

Likewise, Jorja could sit for hours sorting jewels and lacing this J (which I actually hadn’t planned on but made at her request) . . .

lacing the letter J

And I think the favorite craft was this jeweled J jewelry . . .

glueing the jewels on the J

ta-da! jeweled J jewelry

They both also like playing Jack-in-the-box. (It would’ve been a fun art project to decorate the boxes with brightly colored wrapping paper.)

Jack in the box

Sits so still . . .

Will he come out?

Yes, he WILL!

During Bible time we sang the song, Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world . . . and talked about how Jesus loves the children in all of the countries we’ve been learning about . . . and how Jesus loves all the children in their classes (at Mongolian school) . . . to which Joseph (3) agreed, “Yeah, but not the bad baby!” So apparently there is one bad baby in his class who bothers the others but I explained that Jesus loves even the bad baby, and that we should love him too. Well the next day at Bible time, Joseph announced that he was going to pray for the bad baby, then excused himself to go and do so in his room . . . oh to be a fly on his wall – I can only imagine his prayer sounding something like, “Dear God, please make the bad baby stop bothering us all.” But what a good reminder to pray for those who are more difficult to love and to remember that they are precious in God’s sight.


2 responses to “J is for Jorja & Joseph

  1. I just found your blog and love your alphabet idea! I’m going to do this with my 3 year old. Thank you.

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