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L is for Ladybug

on November 23, 2012

This week was packed with lovely ladybug activities, songs and crafts. For Joseph, I made this ladybug number match file folder game. He had to count the spots the ladybug and match it to the leaf with the corresponding number. I can already see a huge improvement in his one-to-one counting skills since we started in September.

ladybug number match file folder game

For Jorja, I found this ladybug math game and made my own version using Coke Zero lids for spots to save myself from cutting out tons of little black paper circles. You add the spots on each side to find the sum.

ladybug addition file folder game

Joseph even had fun playing around with it too . . .

I love how serious he looks!

My small collection of lids also came in handy for this lid toss game . . . as I have mentioned in the past, Joseph loves any opportunity to throw things . . .

lid toss game

I also spotted these red lids in a store just the day before we started L week, so I snatched them up and thought we could turn them into ladybug lids, and play a game throwing them . . . my daughter has a blanket that has ladybugs on it, so we made a game of throwing the ladybug lids onto the ladybugs on the blanket, but you could just as easily throw them onto paper leaves or anything!

making ladybug lids

playing a toss game with the ladybug lids

And throughout the week we made these simple lovely ladybug crafts . . .

paper plate lady bug craft

paper plate ladybug craft

egg carton ladybug craft

clay ladybugs with pipe cleaner legs & antennae

In Bible time we learned about God’s plan to live among the people and for them to build a house for God where they could worship Him – the tabernacle. I broke the passage down into smaller parts and throughout the week tried to focus on themes such as: giving gifts to God (the way the Israelites offered gold, silver, beautiful cloth, etc. for building the tabernacle) and that we should give our best – not leftovers. We talked about listening and obeying God’s instructions (He told them exactly how to build the tabernacle). We built a small ‘replica’ of sorts out of blocks, adding to it throughout the week as we learned more.

And on the last day, to recap all that we’ve been learning about Moses for the last several weeks, we dressed up like Israelites (in our bath robes!) and went wandering through the wilderness (our apartment), moving camp (play tent) whenever the cloud moved (Jorja had the keen sense of noticing the ‘cloud’ move and she would tell me “it’s time!”). On our journey, we acted out complaining for water and then Moses hitting the rock with his staff (ok, golf club), collecting manna (corn flakes will do), worshiping the golden calf, repenting, and building the tabernacle. It was a fun way to review what we’ve been learning.

And I’ll leave you with this picture of Jorja reading “The Story of Noah” with her Children’s Bible open on the couch beside her . . . cross-referencing? checking for accuracy? LOL  She takes her Bible reading seriously! I think her Papa, who is a preacher, would be very proud 🙂

4 responses to “L is for Ladybug

  1. jennifermaki says:

    Fabulous Ladybug ideas here. We are definitely going to embrace some of these gems! Thank you;) j

  2. mamajoyx9 says:

    Great ideas!!! We love file folder games – all your activities look like fun!


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