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S is for Snow

on January 18, 2013

We had snow much fun this week! (Corny? Yeah, I thought so). Now you might remember K is for Kite week when we didn’t actually fly a kite outside (because it was snowing), well for S is for Snow week we didn’t get to play outside in real snow . . .  not because there isn’t any. There is. Rather because it’s -30C/-20F and well, call me wimpy, but I’d much rather be inside sipping hot cocoa and reading stories about snow, making snow crafts, and molding snow playdough into a snowman than be outside with the real thing.

Some of our favorite snow books . . .


I haven’t really done sensory bins before, but thought I’d give it a try this week for a change. Here’s what I came up with – a box filled with cotton balls, snowflake decorations, tinsel, and Q-tips.

Before . . .

snow sensory box

snow sensory box

And after . . .

they loved it!

they loved it!

We had fun waving and twirling the tinsel around while dancing like snowflakes and singing some snowflake songs (I found some cute ones on this site). They gathered the ‘snow balls’ and enjoyed tossing the ‘snow’ up in the air, or using the Q-tips to attach cotton balls together, etc. Jorja loved the shimmer of the tinsel and the way it felt between her fingers.

Some other sensory things we did were salt writing, snow writing (a.k.a. shaving cream), and snow playdough (white playdough with glitter in it) . . .

shaving cream 'snow'

shaving cream ‘snow’

snow playdough creations

snow playdough creations

The kids played with this ‘snow’ playdough for about an hour every afternoon this week – it’s amazing what giving them a new theme and some different cookie cutters and accessories can do – it’s like a playdough make-over!

One of my favorite crafts this week was this name snowman . . . Joseph insisted on giving his snowman three arms, all coming out of his head! lol. And speaking of names, now that he has learned the letter S,  Joseph can write his whole name!

name snowmen

We made coffee filter snowflakes (fold in half twice and cut along the folds) and Jorja had the idea to add glitter after, which was a nice touch.

coffee filter snowflakes

coffee filter snowflakes

We made water color snowflakes and then sprinkled salt on them while they were still wet – this gives a sort of sparkly textured effect when they dry (not really visible in the pictures) and plus it’s just fun to sprinkle salt all over your painting!

sprinkling salt on his snowflakes

sprinkling salt on his snowflakes

water color & salt snowflakes

water color & salt snowflakes

Another favorite of mine – we make these every year – is handprint snowmen. When the kids were smaller, I’d just do their handprint and then embellish them myself with markers, but Jorja does a great job on her own now and Joseph did some of his himself.

handprint snowmen & poem

handprint snowmen & poem

And finally, we made toilet paper roll snowmen – we simply wrapped white paper around our tp rolls, then decorated with buttons, markers, paper, ribbon and glued some cotton balls around the bottom to make it look like the snowman is standing in the snow 🙂

toilet paper roll snowmen

toilet paper roll snowmen

And now the kids are ready to snuggle up in the bed and watch Frosty the Snowman. Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂


5 responses to “S is for Snow

  1. mummyshymz says:

    I love the snow sensory box. So pretty. I know my kids would love the tinsel and cotton balls!

  2. I love the snowflake paintings!

  3. I made snow playdough this month for my science co op preschool group (w/ silver/blue glitter). We also created “puffy snow glue” by using equal parts elmers glue and shaving cream. It worked so well that I am having my older kids create snow scenes too. Just gotta love being a homeschooler!
    btw… I find the whole “K” and “S” scenario amusing =)

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