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Math U Can STAMP

on April 3, 2013

I got the idea for this during Easter when I had my Easter stamps out for crafts. My daughter has been less than impressed lately with regular old, boring old math worksheets so I thought of this way to make it a little more fun – have her stamp the answer. And I was right – she loved it and there were no complaints about doing math!


So this week, since we’re doing an X-ray/skeleton theme, I got out this bone stamp and made some more math worksheets. This one was for Joseph, my preschooler, so no addition or subtraction – simply stamp the right number of ‘bones’ (sorry for the poor quality of the photo) . . .


So you get the idea. Works great for counting practice or simple addition/subtraction problems where the solution is less than 20.

One response to “Math U Can STAMP

  1. Love this idea, Terri! I am using it today!

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