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on May 7, 2013

Although we’re not technically finished the school year, coming to the end of our Letter of the Week lessons has felt like a tremendous accomplishment and success! To celebrate, the kids and I took a week off and went to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, for a mini-vacation. The weather could not have been more perfect – it was the first really warm week that we have had this year. We had a fantastic time visiting with friends and playing outdoors at various playgrounds and parks.

Children's Park in Ulaanbaatar

Children’s Park in Ulaanbaatar



at the top of the Ferris Wheel


Coming to the end of the alphabet caused me to reflect a little on our year and all that we have accomplished. We did so much more than just learn the ABC’s!

For each letter of the alphabet we also memorized a Bible verse from Sing the Word from A-Z. This was a wonderful tool for helping our children hide God’s word in their hearts and it nearly always led to a lesson either about God’s character, love, and grace or how we should live in response to His love and sacrifice for us. It’s such a joy to hear my kids singing these songs!

And why stop at a verse for each letter of the week??? Why not add some geography, culture, religion and missiology too? We got all of this and more from the fascinating book, From Akebu to Zapotec: A Book of Bibleless Peoples. This study helped my children begin to learn some basic world geography, to understand how big our world is, to realize the diversity of the cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles that exist in our world, and most importantly to develop a heart for the lost and see a need for missions and sharing the Good News with people who have never before heard of Jesus Christ. (We also added an animal study to this by learning about an animal indigenous to each region.)

It’s neat to look back and see the progress that Jorja and Joseph have each made . . . since September, Joseph has learned each letter and it’s sound, learned to write his name, learned to count accurately and recognize the numbers up to 20, learned to hold a pencil/marker correctly and to color without scribbling. Jorja was already reading, but her writing and spelling have improved greatly and she took an interest in cursive writing (because it’s “fancy”) and is a natural at it. Her favorite ‘subjects’ in homeschool are Bible time and crafts. It’s fun to see her love of God’s Word and her eagerness to understand it all – she often asks thoughtful questions and earnestly seeks answers to all of life’s questions! It’s a good thing Daddy is getting that PhD – maybe he’ll be able to answer those tough questions 😉

I’ve also been reflecting on how blessed I am to be right here, right now. I sometimes wonder how different things might be if we lived somewhere else . . . would I be working part-time or full-time? would I have this much time with our kids? would I have made such an effort to teach them the Bible and memorize verses with them or just expected them to get ‘enough’ from Sunday School? I feel like some of the choices I’ve made seemed obvious because of our circumstances . . . I mean, if we didn’t teach our children about God, who else would? And homeschooling preschool & Kindergarten just seemed like the default – even though our kids attend Mongolian school for a few hours, they wouldn’t learn their ABC’s or reading (English) there, so again, it just seemed like a no-brainer. This would be my responsibility. But it hasn’t turned out to be a responsibility as much as an honor and privilege that I am not taking for granted one bit. Looking back on this year, more than anything, I am grateful.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us! No, this probably isn’t the end of my blog but I really don’t know where I’ll take it from here . . . Probably just more snip-its of our life and learning 🙂


2 responses to “Reflections

  1. Sing the word from A-Z, how great! Congrats on finishing the alphabet– something to celebrate indeed!

  2. It is so true that so much eagerly awaits to crowd out our time with our children. You have encouraged me to keep fighting for that time with them, and to realize the value of it.

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